Netizens praise PCG for feeding stray animals amid ECQ

Image via Twitter | PCG
  • The Philippine Coast Guard led the feeding of stray animals in an area in Manila
  • They did this because they noticed that the animals have been wandering in the area since the start of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ)
  • Netizens lauded the effort since animals are also affected by the ECQ

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of many, especially frontliners who risk their life in the performance of their duty. Some employees, meanwhile, lost one month worth of income because offices temporarily closed down due to the existing enhanced community quarantine.

Image via Twitter | PCG

But even stray animals that are left with no food are affected by the quarantine.

Social media users thanked the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) K9 Unit for initiating the effort of providing food and water to stray animals in Port Area in Manila.

“The animals have been roving around the vicinity with no owner to feed them since the declaration of enhanced community quarantine in Luzon,” PCG said in a tweet accompanied by photos of eating cats.

Image via Twitter | PCG

Social media user R. Taup lauded the team saying that in times like this, animals also get hungry. “Thank you so much to all the staff of Philippine Coast Guard. Very much appreciated. May your compassion and kindness become a good example to young generation,” R Abad commented.

E. Aso, another netizen, said she hopes that the PCG would feed them daily. “I hope that feeding will not only be good for today… I am happy for you, Philippine Coast Guard, for initiating such good work.”

Dida L., on the other hand, prayed for the safety of the frontliners.

“Thank you so much for giving food and water to the stray animals in the midst of the crisis we are facing. You have such pure hearts. May God bless you and spare you from sickness and tr0uble wherever you go,” she said.

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