Pasig City all geared up to stop COVID-19, Buys 3 new drones for disinfection

Image via Bryant Wong | Facebook
  • The government of Pasig City headed by Vico Sotto purchased 3 drones worth 1 million pesos each
  • This can be loaded with disinfectant  to be sprayed in public places
  • China has effectively used this technology which originally is made to spray pesticides on farms

Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto is bringing the city’s fight against COVID-19 to the next level.

Image courtesy of Anthony Tan

Recently, the city bought 3 units of DJI MG-1P that costs 1 million pesos each. This octocopter drone, manufactured by DJI, the world leader in drones and aerial photography systems can carry up to 10 liters of liquid. It can efficiently spray up to 6 hectares per hour and can be controlled up to 3km away.

A total of 5 drones are to be used by the disinfection team (plus 1 old drone for public address and 1 smaller drone for monitoring and video).

These types of drones are originally used in agriculture to spray pesticides but China has innovatively utilized it to spray disinfectants in public places. It has been found out that this is 50 times more effective than people spraying.

China has also used drones to transport medical supplies, samples and consumer goods to its residents in areas where transportation is a challenge.

Image capture of video by DJI Support via Facebook

A lot has been done lately by the local government of Pasig.

400,000 food packs are being readied to be distributed to the residents. A sanitation tent was put up at the City Hall, Pasig City General Hospital, and Pasig City Children’s Hospital. Bus services were provided to carry healthcare workers and other important individuals to their place of work.

Government employees, including those who are working under job orders, will be given 1-month full salary. Frontliners are also entitled to hazard and overtime pay. Two mobile kitchens were set up at RAVE Brgy. Maybunga to cater to frontliners and local responders.

On March 17, enhanced community quarantine in NCR and Luzon was declared by President Duterte to contain COVID-19 and prevent it from spreading even further. Public transportation has been suspended and some businesses were temporarily ceased.