Students lead thousands of volunteers in doing pharmacy and grocery runs for the most at risk

Image via Invisible Hands

• Two students are leading thousands of volunteers in keeping those most at risk safe from COVID-19
• They launched a website wherein the elderly and immunocompromised can send orders
• Volunteers will then do the grocery and pharmacy rounds for them

Two Yale students decided to set up a platform that will help reduce the risk of the elderly and immune-compromised of contracting COVID-19 by doing the grocery and pharmacy rounds for them.

Image via Facebook | Simone Policano

Twenty-year-old Liam Elkind and Simone Policiano, 25, are leading a group of thousands of volunteers at the newly-founded delivery service they called Invisible Hands.

In a Facebook post, Simone said she was inspired by the sacrifices of healthcare workers so she thought of a way to be able to help in her own way.

“[I asked] around to see  if any healthy young people in NYC wanted to help deliver supplies and groceries to the elderly and immunocompromised, and since then, I’ve been working on making this:,” she said.

There are now volunteers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Astoria, and Jersey City.

Image via Invisible Hands

She also asked people to spread the word about their website so that they would be able to reach more people in need. “The biggest thing is getting the site to/in front of the people who most need it, so please, please share this with people you know who might need assistance,” she said.

Once they receive a request, Liam said they send messages to those within the neighborhood and wait for takers.

In order to make sure that their clients are safe, they follow strict delivery protocols. “”We call ahead and say, ‘Hey, I’m outside the door.’ They can slide their money under the door, and we’ll place the groceries outside the door. These are the most vulnerable members of our community and we want to make sure we’re keeping them safe,” Liam told Good Morning America.

Simone, meanwhile, encouraged those who know someone who might need help but is not much of a tech savvy to fill out the form on their website on their behalf. “Also, if you have ideas on how to get this to people who might need it, please share. Very solidly figuring this out one step at a time,” she said.