‘They matter too’: Animal rescue group raises concern over animals left behind due to enhanced community quarantine

Image via PAWSsion Project | Facebook | Image via Canva
  • PAWSsion Project urged those who can join them to take action on animals who may be left alone due to enhanced community quarantine
  • They received reports that some pet shops in Cartimar were abandoned
  • But this has been denied by one pet store owner

The community quarantine in Luzon and NCR has shut down some business establishments. And as employees and business owners are forced to stay at home to prevent themselves from contracting the disease, the condition of animals left especially in pet stores and local pounds remains a question.

Image via PAWSsion Project | Facebook

PAWSsion Project, an animal rescue group headed the call on Facebook. It said in its post, “This is an urgent call for help for animals left stranded and abandoned in isolated buildings!” The rescue group also referred to dogs left in pounds.

They received reports that some animals in pet stores in Cartimar were left behind. “Their cries for help grow louder, as their hunger and thirst become harder to ignore.”

The institution is trying to contact those that can help them and also pleaded among netizens for anyone who has networks with the LGU or government officials, people from Cartimar and other pet stores to assist them in relaying this issue.

“If you see pets that appear stranded in a house, offer food and water,” they advised.

The Pasay City veterinary office has visited Cartimar but failed to have an agreement with the owners since they were shooed by the guards. Purportedly, a netizen who is a member of Cartimar FB group shared a post which denied the accusations.

According to a pet store owner, all animals are well taken cared of and even if the establishments are closed there are people inside cause it is where the others reside too.

Image via Pixabay

PAWSsion Project clarified that their post is not meant to destroy the reputation of pet store owners, but rather, to remind and spread awareness as some animals might be experiencing unfavorable situations now. Just like humans, they matter, too.