‘You are not OA. You are selfless. I am proud of you’: Wife encourages husband under quarantine at home

Image via Grethel Herrera | Facebook
  • Grethel’s husband is under self-quarantine after coming home to Zamboanga from Quezon City
  • Their family is doing the isolation, enduring a little sacrifice of not going near him even if he is symptoms-free
  • Her post aims to impart that doing such is not “nakakadiri” or OA but part of our social responsibility

As we commit to the government’s guidelines to prevent COVID-19 from proliferating, sometimes we need to sacrifice our desires because we know it translates to keeping everyone safe in our home, as well as in our community.

Image via Grethel Herrera | Facebook

Grethel Herrera, a wife, posted her story on Facebook to broaden everyone’s understanding of the importance of quarantine. Should it be taken seriously even by someone without symptoms? Yes!

She showed her husband’s photo wearing a mask while at the door of a bedroom and said, “This is my husband. He has just arrived from Quezon City. He is on self-quarantine.”

Even with no symptoms, she still considers the possibility of him carrying the virus since he came from an inflicted area.

Grethel and her husband just got married last December, and he left  a month after for work. Admittedly, one month isn’t enough for honeymooners to spend time together.

She revealed, “Words can’t describe how much I want to hold him after being apart. But we have to make this little sacrifice for our family and community.”

Her husband’s voluntary quarantine would mean staying indoors and keeping distance away from two elders, two kids and her. He doesn’t touch anything outside the room and would only go out for a while for some sunshine.

“Am I selfish for being afraid of getting the virus? NO.”

As she took the necessary precautions, she stopped working and also stayed indoors while her husband was in isolation for 14 days.

Image via Pixabay

“I hope people realize that no amount of mask, alcohol, Lysol, Bactidol can save you from the virus if the one you are sitting with at home has traveled to an inflicted area, and could be a carrier.”

She’s encouraging her fellow Zamboangueños not to be complacent, especially those coming from outside the region. Anybody could be a carrier even without symptoms. Self-quarantine is highly relevant at this time.

She ended her post with words of inspiration for him.

“You are not OA. You are selfless. I am proud of you. I will wait for you in the outside world after 14 days. I have waited 8 years to be wed with you. 14 days is nothing.” Awww.

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