Aquarium maker builds portable handwash station from scrap materials

Imahe via Lito Ortiz | Facebook
  • An aquarium maker built a portable handwash station for frontliners
  • His unique invention operates in manual and semi-automatic modes
  • He shared a full video of  how it works to encourage others to copy it

Any skills and talent that can aid our efforts in fighting against coronavirus is needed and most welcomed. So thanks to this man, who created a handwash station that can be used by our frontliners or establishments.

Image via Lito Ortiz | Facebook

Lito Ortiz said that he doesn’t have the money, yet he is full of ideas. He shared in his FB post, “Many have donated masks and face shield yet seldom have donated handwash stations.”

His handwash station was made from scrap materials of glass and aluminum. On top is a glass container that can hold up to 30 liters of water equivalent to 20 pcs of 1.5L bottles. Water can be released in two ways, either through manual or semi-automatic operation. When using manual mode, you open and close the faucet to release water. But in semi-automatic operation, you step on a foot pedal switch to open the valve. This way, you don’t need to hold the knob to release water.  In this mode, the station needs to be plugged into a power supply.

Image via Lito Ortiz | Facebook

“ I will donate this, and I don’t have plans of selling it. Though I know we are in need at this time, yet I give value more to our frontliners,” Lito shared. He is already thankful to God for giving his family good health.

He encourages others to copy his project. “To those who have seen this, you may duplicate it so that you can also share it with others.”

Aside from this, Lito earlier made face shields and an aerosol box that he has already donated. He is a glass tank maker and has also made other smart household projects from scrap materials.

Watch his video here.

Click the image to watch the video by Lito Ortiz via Facebook
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