DJ Loonyo to donate 30,000 face masks to Philippine hospitals

Image via DJ Loonyo | Facebook
  • Dj Loonyo  will donate surgical face masks to selected Philippine hospitals
  • The packages will be transported straight from China and will be received by his previous dance group
  • His fans praised the internet sensation for stepping up to fill in the shortage of masks in our country

After his phenomenal “Fight Song” tribute to the frontliners, DJ Loonyo makes another move that will truly make his fans around the world love him even more.

Image via DJ Loonyo | Facebook

The dancer and choreographer recently revealed on his Facebook page that he will be donating face masks to some hospitals in the Philippines. The goods are coming straight from Hangzhou. China, where he is currently residing.

“As the CEO of FSD FUNKY DANCE STUDIO (Hangzhou China), and on behalf of the whole team, we will be donating 30,000 pieces of face masks (Surgical Face mask) to selected Philippine hospitals next week.”

He is still in the process of finding the fastest way to send them to Manila. His original dance group Rockwell PH will be receiving them and will take charge of distributing the masks to chosen institutions.

His fans cheered upon the great news.

“Thank God for using you as an instrument to help and inspire other people, especially in these trying times. Know that we are here always to support you, my baby Lablab.”

“Thank you, DJ Loonyo and FSD Team. You’re amazing and such an angel! Continue to inspire people and share positivity with our fellowmen all over the world. You’re a hero at this time of crisis. May God continue to bless you. You deserved it always! Stay safe all.”

Image capture of video by DJ Loonyo via Facebook

DJ Loonyo rose to fame after his video of warning the Philippines to be the next Wuhan went viral. The internet sensation was in Hangzhou, China, during the outbreak and shared how the country has quickly managed the epidemic. Since then, because of his great looks, fans flocked over to his social media accounts and had been regularly watching his 1-2 minute dance videos.

He gained more popularity after his “Fight Song” video went viral in which fans also made a couple of “covers” after that. He became the interest of magazines and talk shows showcasing more of his life and talent.

DJ Loonyo is known to spread positivity to uplift the spirits of everyone this time of COVID.

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