Doctors in Israeli hospital wear photo of themselves to help patients recognize them

Image via Jeya Theepan Joseph | Facebook
  • Healthcare workers wear layers of PPEs which conceal their faces and leave patients without any idea who are treating them
  • Doctors in an Israeli hospital attach a photo of themselves on their hazmat suits
  • This help patients recognize them, thus maintaining that personal connection rather than seeing doctors in uniform suits without identity

Our doctors and nurses do their best to protect themselves from COVID-19 so that they can continue treating patients. They wear PPE, not just a layer of it but sometimes multiple covers for added protection.

Image via Jayson Binayao | Facebook

Dressed in complete PPEs which include masks, hazmat suits, foot covers, gloves, goggles, face shields, our dear doctors look like “astronauts” who can barely move because of too much clothing.  Plus, every part of the human body is covered.  Thus, there is  no identification of who is who.

With that, on the  patient’s end, it loses the personal connection if you don’t see the identity  of the person behind those gears. All those health care workers would look the same. Wouldn’t it be nice if there is a way they will know who’s taking care of them?

Yes, there is. For doctors in an Israeli hospital recognizing your physician is essential in a  patient’s well-being. That is why they attached a photo of themselves on top of their hazmat suits so that patients will know who is taking care of them. Such a brilliant idea!

In a shared post on Reddit, the concept was lauded by netizens.

Image via Jeya Theepan Joseph | Facebook

“This is an amazing human touch. Might go a long way to patients feeling like they are human beings being cared for by other human beings and not just infected lab Petri dishes being studied by scientists.”

“As a medico ( non-Doctor), I should say this is really helpful to the other staff as well. It’s tough keeping track of everyone with all the hustle-bustle of the ER.”

Right. If it can benefit the patients, most likely as a health worker, this can also help them in their workplace.

Based on the latest tally, Israel’s COVID-19 cases has climbed to more than 9,000, yet the mortality rate remains low at double digits.

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