‘It’s ok, don’t force yourself to be productive’: Artist makes visuals to express her thoughts this quarantine

Image via Riyokki | Facebook
  • A graphic artist shared through visuals how she struggled with anxiety at this time of quarantine
  • For her, everyone has their own coping mechanism and self-care
  • Being unproductive is no big deal because we are going through a lot

April has ended and we are still in quarantine. What have you accomplished so far? A lot? Or nothing?

Image via Riyokki | Facebook

Well, it’s ok! Social media user Riyokki shared on Facebook that there may be things expected of us to make our hibernation worthwhile. However, “Don’t feel bad for not making most of your time this quarantine period. We are going through a health crisis and an overall traumatic experience, and no one should be invalidated for how they cope with it,” she said.

She emphasized that as we take care of ourselves, we should also consider our mental health. Right?

During the quarantine, she was battling with anxiety that made her lazy to do anything. However, through her self-expression using her talent in graphics, she was able to pick herself up.

Her first artwork is all about what others may expect from us. Clean? Study? Workout? Or learn a new hobby? These are just a few of those that may keep us busy if you are into it. But what if you are not? Riyokki said, “Don’t worry; we all have our own ways of coping up and self-care.”

Image via Riyokki | Facebook

We can play games, browse online, or even sleep all day as our heart desires. No one should force you on what to do, like working on your weight or practice a skincare routine or be productive in some other ways.

Many of us are going through a lot at this time. Aside from no income or nothing to eat, the emotional struggles are even harder to take.

“So please practice empathy and always be understanding of everyone’s situation, “she reminded.

Take a deep breath. Meditate. Do what you want as long as it is for your own good. It’s ok.

Want to see more thoughts to ponder on? Check her visuals here.

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