Mommy shares her secret on how to store vegetables while maintaining their freshness

Image via Life with Mommy Ana | Facebook
  • A mom shared on Facebook how she stores vegetables for a week’s consumption without compromising their freshness
  • Read through her easy to follow instructions from washing, peeling, blanching and freezing
  • Other moms think this is a great idea they are willing to try

Does your child love vegetables? Then good for you! The only thing that will challenge you in this time of community quarantine is that you also want to limit your trips to the supermarket. So how do you store them?

Well, don’t worry! One cool Mom has some real cool tips to make your life easier.

Image via Life with Mommy Ana | Facebook

Life with Mommy Ana shared on Facebook some interesting ideas great for your vegetable-loving taste buds. Read through the instructions on how to store your vegetables and make it last for a week or two.

First, wash them thoroughly. She suggested buying all vegetables needed for a week’s menu. Peel everything that needs to be peeled. For potatoes, after peeling, soak them in water with salt to avoid darkening. Slice according to your desired shape.

Blanch your vegetables by boiling and steaming it until it is partially cooked. Missing this step will cause them to have “off” colors, textures and flavors. Blanching prevents enzymatic activity that leads to decay of vegetables.

Image via Life with Mommy Ana | Facebook

Blanch it by batch for 2-3 minutes for fruit vegetables and 1-2 minutes for the leafy ones. Change the water for every vegetable. Once done, allow them to dry and cool down. You may also soak them in water with ice before storing them.

Wear plastic gloves as you place them inside resealable plastic containers. Don’t forget to label and store them in the freezer.

Moms liked these tips and here’s what they think about it.

“Wow, great! Very good, mommy! Where did you get this idea? Thanks! I’ll try this. I’m tired of going out often and it is scary too.”

Image via Life with Mommy Ana | Facebook

Thank you for sharing your ideas. Big help ito sa mga working moms kahit tapos na COVID.”

“Ang galing!! Bet ko lalo ‘yong sa patatas! Very helpful and informative! Thanks, mamshie Ana!”

Others also have their ways of storing vegetables in the refrigerator. Still, for Mommy Ana, this is the one that has worked for her though she doesn’t do this often, Only on these days when her chance to go to the market is limited.

What do you think, mommies? Have you tried this at home? If you have other ideas, kindly share it with us in the comment section below.

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