Newborns in Thailand wear face shields and they just got even cuter

Image via Paolo Hospital Samutprakarn | Facebook
  • Newborn babies in a hospital in Thailand wear face shields
  • The protective  gears brought these little angels into a different level of cuteness
  • However, for some, the weight of the device may not be safe for the baby’s delicate head

It’s been almost four months since the inception of COVID-19. And things were never the same. Staying at home is the new norm and we face a lot of uncertainties.

Image via Paolo Hospital Samutprakarn | Facebook


Probably because COVID-19 chooses no one, the rich, the poor, the young, the elderly, anyone can get the virus and worst may not survive from it. That is why everyone needs to take a lot of precautions, especially those who face patients or are inside the hospitals.

So for healthcare workers at the Paolo Hospital Samutprakarn in Thailand, they are not taking chances. Babies that are born in this era of COVID-19 are given face shields to avoid contagion.

The institution, through its social media accounts, uploaded photos of babies that are way too cute with those face shields on.

In one photo, a row of babies placed on their transparent cribs all had face shields on as they peacefully snooze. In another photo, a nurse was holding a swaddled baby who was awake and didn’t feel bothered at all.

Many think the Paolo Hospital Samutprakarn did an excellent job of giving extra care to these little angels.

Image via Paolo Hospital Samutprakarn | Facebook

“So cute. Congratulations to all of your parents. May your baby be strong.”

“Looks good! Safe for both the little ones and everyone.”

However, for some, it poses a concern for the little ones’ heads.

“Face shield is to prevent sneezing or coughing. But if everyone who approached the baby wore a mask, a face shield is not necessary. The heavy gear will put the baby’s head in vain. We will better bring the resources available to doctors and nurses that really need it.”

Anything that protects an individual is beneficial in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Maybe, the institution is just thinking ahead cause prevention is better than cure.

What do you think?

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