Sana all! Gensan shopping mall surprises their employees with a long list of relief goods

Image via Karen Varona | Facebook
  • A mall in General Santos City gave grocery items as assistance to their employees affected by the enhanced community quarantine
  • Employees, the majority of which are minimum wage earners, were left in awe on the number of items they received
  • They proudly posted on social media their photos and showed their appreciation

Employees are extremely affected by the temporary closure of businesses due to COVID-19. The financial assistance extended by business owners can make a difference for them to survive the enhanced community quarantine.

Image via Karen Varona | Facebook

A little help may mean big. It is understandable. Business operations have slowed down or, for some, has completely ceased. But for the shopping mall employees in General Santos City, they feel they’re the luckiest. It seems like the heavens have poured in so many blessings; more than what they expected.

Why? On April 8, KCC mall of Gensan informed their employees that grocery items would be given. But as to how many came as a surprise! Netizens surely got envious!

In a post by Max Fernandez on Facebook, he enumerated all the goods he has received on a list and here it is: 25kgs Rice, 2 Tray Eggs, 12pcs BirchTree 33g, 1kg brown sugar, 48 sticks Nescafé Classic 2g, 1 whole dressed chicken, 10pcs Lucky Me pancit canton, 10pcs Lucky Me instant noodles, 5pcs Holiday corned beef, 5pcs Fresca Tuna, 5pcs Young’s Town sardines, 5pcs El Rancho beef loaf, 1L Silver Swan soy sauce, 1 pc Datu Puti vinegar 385ml, 2pcs Safeguard 60g and 1pc Zonrox 250ML. Whew!

He shared with Kicker Daily News, “We did not expect that we will receive relief goods. We were only told that day that the employer has something for us, so we are very thankful.”

Image via Max Fernandez | Facebook

Netizens cheered over the good news and praised one of the biggest malls for valuing their workers.

Employees proudly posted on social media their blessings. Everyone under direct employment from the mall, whether probationary or regular workers had their hands full of the goods.  The mall’s Koronadal branch has done the same.

Koronadal Commercial Center (KCC) started as a textile store in 1947 in Koronadal City. Over the years, it has grown into a shopping center and finally into a mall. It now has four branches in Mindanao, including Gensan (headquarters), Koronadal, Zamboanga and soon to open in Cotabato City.

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