So touching: 3-year-old kid shares prayer against COVID-19

Image via Facebook | Arya Stonem
  • A Filipino-German kid shared a prayer for those who are suffering due to COVID-19
  • She prayed for the frontliners, families who lost their loved ones, and everyone whose lives were affected by the virus
  • She also asked for unity so that people can help each other ‘stop this bad dream’

A three-year-old Filipino-German kid shared a touching prayer for all the frontliners and patients fighting COVID-19.

Image via Facebook | Arya Stonem

In a video posted on Facebook, Arya Stonem asked everyone to join her in a prayer wherein she will ask for “a little more than love and toys.”

“Dear Papa God, I know you’re there and Mama says You listen. I’m very small and I’m sorry because today I will ask You for a little more than love and toys,” she started. “Today I pray for the victims of COVID-19…” and she even specifically prayed for those who didn’t survive and for those they left behind.

Arya pleaded for God to watch over and embrace the children who lost their parent, the old ones who lost their kid, and those who have lost members of the family.

She also said a prayer for everyone who is suffering.

“They are alone and scared. Please, Papa God, heal them and let them know that things will get better soon. All they want is to go home to their loved ones to hug them again and not cry anymore,” she added.

Arya also asked God to bless those who are homeless and cannot afford to buy food for their family anymore.

Image via Facebook | Arya Stonem

She also asked that frontliners to be protected because they are the superheroes in this struggle  against COVID-19.

“I’m praying for the doctors who risk themselves every day, doing everything they can to save lives, the nurses who are working nonstop to help their patients feel better, and the hospital staff who are doing their best to help,” Arya said. “Papa God, remind them to eat and rest when they can.”

“I pray for the military and p0liceman who are working day and night to make sure we’re safe inside our homes. Bless them because it takes a lot to be a hero.”

The kid also asked that people be united so that they can help each other “to stop this bad dream…so that those who are away can finally go home to be with their families.”

Watch the video here and let us pray with her:

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