103-year-old granny enjoys a sip of her favorite drink as she celebrates COVID recovery

Image capture of video by WICKED LOCAL South - Raynham via YouTube
  • Even at her age, a 103-year-old claimed victory against COVID-19
  • To celebrate her recovery, she was given a drink she used to love before she became sick
  • She is a sports fan and usually takes a sip of that drink while listening on sports broadcast on the radio

Despite their age, many centenarians have beaten COVID-19. And how do they celebrate their recovery? One granny enjoys a sip of her favorite drink.

Image via Pixabay

Jennie Stejna,103, is staying at the Life Care Center of Wilbraham. Her family learned she was positive with the virus on April 25. She was the first COVID patient in their nursing home. For three weeks, she fought a battle with an uncertain outcome. Elderlies like her are known to suffer the most and experience severe complications.

At one point, her condition worsened that the staff at the nursing home became worried. Her family took a chance to say goodbye to her; fearing she may not be able to make it. Her grandson-in-law, Adam Gunn, his wife Shelley and their 4-year-old daughter talked to her.

Gunn asked her if she was ready to go to heaven. The woman quipped, “Hell, yeah!” Lol. She is known to be a feisty woman, as she would always say how she feels.

Image capture of video by WICKED LOCAL South – Raynham via YouTube

And she made it! On May 13, she received negative test results. And to celebrate, a staff brought her favorite drink for a sip —- Bud Light. It’s the drink she enjoys while rooting for the Red Sox. Jennie is an avid sports fan. She enjoys listening to sports broadcasts on a hand-held radio.

After a taste of Bud Light, she immediately told the staff to leave the room because she is not sick anymore. Lol

She is the first resident to recover in their nursing home. 33 others still have the virus right now.

Stejna lived in Western Massachusetts. She got married to her husband Teddy in 1938. They were together for 54 years until her husband departed in 1992.

You’re really something, Grandma!