Animal rescue group founder experiences her own rescue by her dog

Image via Malou Perez | Facebook
  • An animal rescue group founder was saved from possible tragedy by her pet dog
  • She fell asleep, tired after a day’s work and left a lighted scented candle unattended
  • Her dog, a rescuer, kept barking and scratching her bed to wake her up  as flames were about to start in her bedroom

Recently, a woman risked her life, trying to save her dogs trapped in their burning home. Here’s a story that affirms how our pets are willing to do the same; a proof of their love and concern for us.

Image via Malou Perez | Facebook

Malou Perez, a founder of an animal rescue group, PAWSsion Project, experienced how her rescue dog pays back all the love and care she gave him.

Since the start of the ECQ, Malou had stepped up in her responsibilities as a volunteer. Besides managing two shelters, she regularly goes out at night to feed the strays affected by the quarantine. Often, due to exhaustion, she falls asleep while eating dinner. But this time, she had a chance to eat on the road, so when she got home, she just took a bath and jumped to bed.

Image via Malou Perez | Facebook

Malou likes to have scented candles since it relaxes her. Unfortunately, she fell asleep with the candle still lighted. The whole wax was finished and the glass broke. A lot of other combustible materials are just beside the candle on her table like receipts, paper, books, laptop and two more candles, which can fuel a fire even more.

Luckily, she has two dogs with her in the room. One of them, Loki, came close to her and tried hard to wake her up by barking and scratching the bed.

The smell of smoke and burning receipts alarmed; her waking her up. Her other dog, Luna, was under the bed; apparently shaking. Thank God they were all safe!

Image via Malou Perez | Facebook

“God, thank you for your protection and thank you for Loki,” she shared on social media.

This event reminds us not to leave any lighted candle unattended. But beyond that, it validates for the nth time how dogs love us back.

Malou said, “I usually rescue dogs. This time, my dog rescued me.”

This is so heartwarming.

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