Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest donation box, illuminates its 1.2 million LED lights as it achieves target

Image via Burj Khalifa | Instagram, Image via https://www.tallestdonationbox.com/
  • Burj Khalifa illuminated all its 1.2 million LED lights after achieving its goal to produce 1.2 million meals in the UAE
  • The fund drive is part of the “10 million meals campaign” to support the poor and low-income families and individuals with economic fiasco due to coronavirus

The world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa in Dubai has achieved its goal in an attempt to receive support for their “10 million meals” campaign.

Image via Burj Khalifa | Instagram

Right at the heart of Dubai rises an 823-meter building, which used to be a tourist’s destination before the quarantine but now has become the world’s tallest donation box.

Launched in April, one of the goals of the campaign is to secure funds to produce 1.2 million meals for low-income families and individuals throughout the holy Ramadan who are affected by the COVID pandemic in the UAE. To donate, the donor “buys” an LED light for only AED 10 through the www.tallestdonationbox.com website equivalent to one meal for those in need. A light pixel on the building’s facade is illuminated to represent the “purchase”.

Burj Khalifa has 1.2 million LED lights regularly used during visual displays on occasions and celebrations from other countries to show support, especially in times of distress.

In a week, the campaign has exceeded its target. An overwhelming response from individuals and private entities in terms of both financial and in-kind donations. poured. Besides, Burger King, McDonald’s and Texas Chicken have supported the initiative by giving food vouchers. Anghami, the first digital music streaming platform in the Arab world, has produced a song “Stronger Together”, in which revenues from song streams were donated. Amazon has also contributed by placing a link to the campaign on its website.

Image via Burj Khalifa | Instagram

On the iconic building’s Instagram account, a video was uploaded showing its 1.2 million LED lights beaming. “Together, we lit up 1.2 million lights, sharing our message of hope to the world and achieving the impossible,” the caption read.

Though it has achieved its target, the “10 million meals” campaign continues to accept donations. You may visit www.10millionmeals.ae for monetary contributions.

The coronavirus pandemic has defined a hard time for the UAE. The migrant workers who consist of more than 80% of the population suffered income reduction and losses. A lot of Filipinos, those that are in crowded communities have registered to be repatriated.

Watch the display here.

Click the image to view the video by Burj Khalifa via Instagram