Cat’s not in the mood? Doggy pulls feline friend in front to face the camera

Click the image to view the video by Golden Hair via Weibo
  • In a video, a furry family poses for a group photo, but one of them noticed that the cat is uninterested
  • The doggo pulled the cat by the collar and brought it in front in an attempt to make it face the photographer
  • The furry family are from China and has many interesting videos in their social media account

A “family photo” of your pets is a beautiful thing to try, especially if you have cooperative furry animals that love being photographed. However, sometimes things don’t happen as planned.

Image capture of video by Golden Hair | Weibo

A clip from Twitter caught animal lovers’ attention as it may sometimes reflect what happens in a human family photo. Twitter user Madeyousmile, an account that shares feel good and upbeat content, shared a cute and funny video of three dogs and a cat having their family photo.

The doggies are all dressed up in formal wear with neckties while the kitty is sporting a professional-looking collar too. When the camera shutter is about to be pressed, the doggo in blue noticed that the cat seemed uninterested.

Instead of its face, it was displaying its back to the camera. He then went to the cat’s side and pulled it by the collar using his mouth. The feline is now up front, but it still tried to walk out of the group. The doggo stopped it by putting his paw at the kitty’s back. We believe that was the perfect moment the shutter clicked.

Yet the cat wasn’t still facing the photographer. Lol. But a 45 degrees view is a better angle than its back.

One viewer commented, “Cat still won at the end. Same pose but different position. Lol. Stubborn cat.” Lol.

Image via Golden Hair | Weibo

The almost 30-second-video has been watched more than 12 million times; bringing a smile no doubt.

We found the original link to the video on the animals’ Weibo account and learned that the cat’s name is XiaBao, while his furry friend is TengTeng.

Watch the clip here. Just click the image.

Image via Golden Hair | Weibo


Can’t get enough? Visit their social media account here for more videos of them. This furry family seems to be very close to each other.

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