‘Cuddle curtain’ becomes more popular as people find ways to hug loved ones

Image capture of video by Antony Cauvin via Facebook | Image capture of video by Hüsnü I??k via Facebook
  • A man finally hugged his granny by using a “cuddle curtain”
  • It is a  DIY clear plastic curtain where you can insert your arms for you to hug your loved one without physically touching each other skin-to-skin
  • The idea became widely used as another video also showcased a daughter cuddle her mom on Mother’s day

Whenever we get outside, ‘social distancing’ is a regular reminder as the world adapts to the latest coronavirus lifestyle.

Image capture of video by Antony Cauvin | Facebook

Social distancing means setting a limit of at least 6 feet from other people, not gathering in groups and staying out of crowded places or mass gatherings.

However, having a loved one makes it difficult to follow these rules. So over the weeks, aside from relying on technology for virtual presence, people are finding innovative ways to hug their loved ones whom they missed a lot.

In the Philippines, children who want to come in close contact with their parents wear garbage plastic bags to cover their bodies.  In other countries, this idea is also used but with a little advancement.

Antony Cauvin, a plasterer, was set to see his grandmother. But he wanted to make sure his granny will be safe from the virus. For the momentous event, he made a “cuddle curtain”. It is a clear shower curtain supported by two wooden posts. What made it unique is that it has provisions for him and his granny to insert their arms along armholes with extended plastic covers so that they can hug each other.

When they finally embraced, granny was so thrilled that they stayed in that moment for a few seconds. It was filmed and put on social media and netizens think it is so sweet of Antony to have that idea.

Image capture of video by Hüsnü I??k | Facebook

The “cuddle curtain” has become popular. In another video on Facebook, they also call it a “hug glove”.

A woman used the same material to hug and greet her mother on Mother’s day. Upon witnessing the touching occasion, we can conclude hugs are more exciting these days. They are of more value than before.

In whatever situation we are in, people will come up with ideas on how to show affection to their loved ones. Love is so powerful that even coronavirus cannot take it down.