‘Do your work to find out where your Ipad is’: Mom has clever way to manage screen time

Image via Emma Jenkins | Facebook, Image via Canva
  • The lockdown has given kids more opportunity with their gadgets than before since they stay at home constantly
  • One mom shared how she managed her son’s screen time through an activity before he can use his Ipad
  • Experts recommend limiting kid’s exposure to gadgets to avoid harmful physical and behavioral problems

The COVID situation has forced the majority in the world to stay at home.

Image via Pixabay

Schools are closed as learning is moved online. But since kids are home all the time, technology is more accessible than before. Mobile phones, PlayStation, TV, or Ipads compete with their homework. How to make sure then that your kids’ education isn’t compromised with their screen time?

A Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas is where you can get sample activities for your kids and make your family bonding worthwhile.  For those who find their kids soaked on their gadgets most of the time, Emma Jenkins found a smart way to handle the issue with her son.

She posted a photo of a paper with a note that reads, “Do your work to find out where your Ipad is..”

Below are eight school activities like spellings, reading and playdough challenge her kid needs to accomplish. In every task completed, she then gives the word/letters to fill in the phrase below. Gradually, it will reveal where the Ipad is, only after everything is done. Haha. Impressive!

Image via Emma Jenkins | Facebook

Mom readers praised the idea. Many admitted they had been struggling too with their kids’ screen time. Others said they’d give this a try while some think their kids would rather be guessing than doing the challenge. However, for some, it wouldn’t work since their kids need the Ipad for their homework.

For children ages 2-5, health experts recommend a screen limit to one hour a day and up to two hours for older children. Failing to train your child may lead to physical and behavioral problems in the future.

If I am  to try my luck without doing any tasks in this challenge, I think the Ipad is  “in the washing machine.” Lol.

Do you find this idea helpful? What do you think?