First motorized monowheel in the Philippines spotted in Gensan

Image capture of video by Ronie Georfo via Facebook
  • A monowheel made by a mechanic was spotted in General Santos City 
  • The mechanic took six months to finish building it and cost him Php 20,000
  • But according to a transportation authority, this vehicle is not yet legal to be on the streets

Even with limited resources, Filipinos prove they are capable of making their versions of peculiar vehicles we only see in other countries.

Image capture of video by Ronie Georfo via Facebook

A motorized monowheel dubbed as the first in the Philippines was spotted doing its test drive in General Santos City. It showcases a single big wheel, but unlike a unicycle where the driver sits on top of the wheel, this time, the driver sits inside it.

A mechanic, Richard Fallan Sr. created this vehicle. The assembly took 6 months to finish and was created using available parts in his shop. He spent Php 20,000 for this project. His son, Richard Fallan Jr., learned how to drive it and admitted that this vehicle is quite difficult to handle because it takes a lot of energy to balance it.

The car-show-like test drive caught a passer’s attention. Ronnie Georfo, a security guard, filmed the event and posted it online. That led to making this rare vehicle viral on social media. To date, his video earned more than 2M views.

Image capture of video by Ronie Georfo via Facebook

However, according to Macario Gonzaga, Regional Director of the Land Transportation Office of region 12, this vehicle is not safe to drive. Furthermore, it is not yet legal to be on the streets. This needs approval from the DTI and has to undergo application under the DOTR to check if it can be registered.

The first monowheel was created in 1869 by W. Jackson & Co, in Paris, France. In this earliest design, the rider pedals a small wheel, which was connected to a bigger wheel. By the 20th century, most monowheels were motorized. Over the years, a lot of modifications were made to give each version a unique design. However, the concept of its impracticality as a mode of transportation remains the same.

Watch the viral video here.