High school student invents COVID buster device that aims to eliminate the virus in the air safely

Image via Genaro Tabag | Facebook
  • A high school student invented a COVID buster device using the principle of heat to eliminate the virus
  • It is made of materials readily available at home and is safe to use without any harmful side effects
  • The invention is originally from a concept of his father, an experienced mechanical engineer who does projects for clients abroad

A father and son tandem hopes to contribute something in finding solutions to stop COVID-19.

Image via Genaro Tabag | Facebook

According to WHO, “Heat at 56°C kills the SARS coronavirus at around 10000 units per 15 min (quick reduction).”  It is with that theory that a high school student, Francis Daimler  Tabag, invented an anti-virus device that can disinfect the air safely made from materials readily available at home.

The device is composed of a fan, plastic pail, metal sheet, wooden mount and rice cooker. When the rice cooker and fan is turned on, the air is sucked in the device. As it contacts directly to super-heated plates of the rice cooker (180 deg. Celcius minimum temp. and above), the virus is destroyed. The disinfected air is then released upward.

They tested it at a room temperature of 33 degrees Celsius and when the device was turned on, it produced 42.8 degrees Celsius heat near the fan. The temperature near the plates is assumed to be higher than that. It can operate for 1 hour straight without any problem. But a 15 -30 minutes session is just all we need to re-circulate the air in a medium-sized room.

Image via Genaro Tabag | Facebook

Francis’s invention is an improvement from a concept originally from his father, Genaro. He is an experienced mechanical engineer who is a freelancer and does projects for clients abroad.

This COVID buster can be placed inside grocery stores (should be a large size), comfort rooms, hospitals, offices, transport terminals, or at home. It has an advantage over chemical sprays and UV lights because it does not pose any harmful effects on the skin.

Genaro plans to have their device tested by the DOST and hopefully improve the fabrication of their invention for mass production in the future. For those who are interested in their equipment, you may contact Genaro Tabag through his Facebook account.

Image via Pixabay

There is still an ongoing debate about whether the virus is airborne or not. Yet, according to an aerosol scientist, Kimberly Prather, Ph.D., moisture from a cough or sneeze may evaporate and float on air currents. Therefore, it is not just the water droplets that landed on surfaces that can be a means of transmission but also the evaporated moisture that forms aerosols in the air.

Currently, the virus has infected almost 6 million people globally. With almost worldwide lockdowns, it has affected businesses of countries, even those with the strongest economies. The search for a cure is ongoing and vaccines are still on the trials stage.

Any additional solution to eliminate the virus is such a welcome. Hopefully, our experts will look into this invention.

Watch how the device works here.