Woman who walked for 2 weeks while carrying her dog finally arrives home with help from stray animal feeders

Image via April Rose Ubaldo | Facebook
  • A stray animal feeder saw a woman traveling with a dog and learned she’s on her way home
  • Nobody wants to give the woman a ride because of the stuff she’s carrying and her dog, so she’s been walking for two weeks already
  • The stray feeders sent the old woman and her dog home; earning praises online

April Rose Ubaldo is a stray feeder and was having her daily rounds of feeding the strays when she happened to see a woman bringing a sack and a pet dog.

Image via April Rose Ubaldo | Facebook

Interested to know her story, April approached her and started asking.

According to the woman named Nanay Areta, she is from Binabagan, Negros Occidental and wants to go back home to Saravia, around 90 km away. It was her second week of walking. Poor woman, nobody gave her a ride because of her bulky stuff and pet dog, Rex. She was carrying a sack filled with her belongings.

Good thing, the officers at the barangay checkpoint gave her food and some money so that she can continue her travel. April and her co-feeder invited the woman to have dinner as they formulate their plan of helping her.

Image via April Rose Ubaldo | Facebook

After eating, they volunteered to bring nanay to her destination. They endorsed her to the barangay officials. Nanay Areta and her cute dog, Rex, are now home after their long journey together. Without April, she may still be traveling now; enduring the hot and rainy days.

PAWSsion Project, an animal rescue group, shared this inspiring story and readers are thankful to April and her friend for giving nanay’s journey a happy ending.

“Thank you, Ms. April Rose. It feels good to make someone feel loved. Take care and God bless you. Nanay and Rex will always remember you. Stay safe.”

Image via April Rose Ubaldo | Facebook

“God bless you guys for helping nanay to reach home with her dog, her only companion, rain or shine. The Lord will reward you for the way you treated them.”

Indeed, amid COVID, hope in humanity still lives. Stories like this one lifts and inspires us.