Marco Polo Davao to cease operations indefinitely by June 2020: ‘Daghang salamat from the heart of Davao’

Image via Marco Polo Davao | Facebook
  • Marco Polo Davao confirmed that it would cease its operations indefinitely from June 15, 2020 onward
  • Separation pays are given to employees who also took the decision positively
  • Clients were heartbroken with the news and recalled  happy memories  with the hotel

One of Davao’s premier hotels, Marco Polo Davao, released a statement Friday, May 8, confirming its indefinite cessation of operations by June 15, 2020.

Image via Marco Polo Davao | Facebook

The 5-star hotel,  which was affected by temporary closure due to COVID-19 pandemic, released a statement expressing its appreciation for the messages they received after breaking the news.

According to the post, “Marco Polo Davao is beyond grateful for the overwhelming heartwarming messages received following the news on the indefinite cessation of hotel operations effective June 15, 2020.”

“Our priority is to take care of our associates while the company can. All of you have been the core and our stewards in building Marco Polo Davao. We will forever be grateful for your unconditional contribution.”

A day prior, Edge Davao posted on their Facebook account; announcing the hotel’s indefinite closure “due to the financial effect of COVID-19 pandemic.” The news came from Halifax Davao Hotel Inc., which owns the hotel.

An unknown official said, “Management chose to prioritize the well-being of its employees by giving them their separation pays.” Employees took the decision positively.

Image via Marco Polo davao | Facebook

Clients expressed sadness over the news and recalled their happy memories at the hotel.

“Ross Sevilla shared, “Sad to hear this. This used to be my fave hangout in the afternoon (lobby lounge) and after work ( Eagles bar). This is the place where I launched my two gala fashion shows (be glamouross and still glamouross). Missing a lot of people who have been a part of my memories in this hotel. But I believe this is not goodbye but till we meet again.”

Marco Polo was established in 1998 and is the first international chain hotel in Davao and Mindanao. Located in the heart of Davao, it has 245 guestrooms and suites.

This year it has turned 22. We hope it will rise again after the pandemic. But for now, the management leaves us with this message, “To all our friends in the community and our valued business partners, daghang salamat from the Heart of Davao.”