Must try! Homemade anti-aging cream to remove wrinkles, dark spots and pimples

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  • Achieve a youthful and glowing wrinkle-free skin with a homemade almond-coriander anti-aging cream
  • The mask is a mixture of almond, coriander and yogurt suited for both dry and oily skin
  • Each ingredient contains specific properties and vitamins to help the skin fight pimples and reduce fine lines

What’s your beauty regimen this quarantine? Have you given your skin some pampering lately?

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A wrinkle-free face is everyone’s dream. How nice would it be to conceal your age with a youthful and glowing skin? Sometimes, the secret is just within reach using easy to find ingredients.

Well, the Beauty Recipes page revealed on Facebook a 70-year-old grandma’s secret for a wrinkle-free skin — the almond-coriander anti-aging cream. The different benefits found in each ingredient helps in nourishing your skin to make it look smooth and supple. Whether you have dry or oily skin, this mask is great for you, as shared in the video they posted.

Here are the easy steps in making the mask.

You need 3-4 pcs of almond nuts and crush them to make a powder. Get coriander leaves and wash them thoroughly to remove the dirt. Crush the leaves to make a paste. Mix one teaspoon of almond powder, 1 teaspoon of coriander paste and 1-2 teaspoons of yogurt. Combine all the ingredients to make a paste.

Dip a clean cotton ball to the mixture and apply it on your face evenly. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it off with water after. This is also perfect as an eye mask to lighten dark circles or minimize eye wrinkles. This mask can be applied daily. So easy, isn’t it?

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How does it work?

Almonds repair damaged tissues and initiate cell regeneration. This improves skin tone and texture. Its vitamin E content removes free radicals in the body that results in delayed aging.

Coriander is an anti-fungal and anti-septic agent that helps fight pimples. It contains antioxidants, vitamin C and beta carotene giving you soft and supple skin as it rejuvenates and replaces the skin cells.

Yogurt contains lactic acid that hydrates the skin. With its probiotic, it destroys the bacteria that cause pimples. The zinc present in it controls the oil produced by the sebaceous gland. As a result, you get a blemish-free skin.

What do you think? Try them now!

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