PhilHealth denies claims of hospital closures due to delayed payments

Image via PhilHealth
  • PhilHealth has issued a statement denying PHAPi President Dr. Rustico Jimenez’ claims that some 300 hospitals are on the brink of closure due to delayed payments
  • They said that 56.5 percent of the claims they paid went to private facilities
  • PhilHealth is planning to file libel charges against Dr. Jimenez

PhilHealth has denied the claims made by Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PHAPi) President Dr. Rustico Jimenez that some 300 hospitals are on the brink of closure due to delayed payments.

Image via PhilHealth

“PhilHealth categorically denies as unfounded, malicious and irresponsible the statement made by Dr. Rustico Jimenez that 300 or so private hospitals are facing closure due to delayed payments by PhilHealth,” they said in a statement.

They explained that they already disbursed a total of Php 52.53 billion in claims payment and Interim Reimbursement Mechanism (IRM) this year. Of P38.6 billion claims paid, Php21.8 billion or 56.5 percent were paid to private facilities.

In an interview Dr. Jimenez said 300 small private hospitals will be closing down due to many reasons, including PhilHealth’s delayed payment.

Image via PHAPi

“There are many factors. Number one, there are only a few patients going to non-COVID facilities because they are scared. Coupled with that is the much delayed payment from PhilHealth,” he said.

However, PhilHealth said they do not recognize Dr. Jimenez “as a legitimate representative of any hospital association because of his historical pattern of wild and unfounded accusations.”

“While Dr. Jimenez is accusing PhilHealth of delayed payments, the Corporation is also facing accusations from other quarters of doing exactly the opposite – illegal overpayments,” the statement reads.

They are now considering filing libel charges against the doctor.

“PhilHealth’s Legal Department is now exploring filing libel charges against Dr. Jimenez at the same time its regional staff continues to work directly with all its hospital partners to resolve the issue of account reconciliation,” they said.