Rift between councilor and health workers settled, Pasay Mayor says

Image via Facebook | Moti Arceo
  • The healthcare workers who received tongue lashing from Pasay City Councilor Moti Arceo have accepted his apologies
  • Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano said she met with the two parties during a closed door meeting
  • She said that while the frontliners were traumatized by the incident, they later on accepted Arceo’s apology

The rift between Pasay City Councilor Moti Arceo and the healthcare workers who received tongue lashing from him over the use of the city’s session hall for rapid testing has been resolved.

Image via Facebook | Alexia Guevara

Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano said Arceo apologized to the frontliners and explained that his outburst was “an expression of shock and fear of the virus and its possible transmission, not only to some members of the Council and their staff but also to the other people in the city hall.”

Rubiano said she first talked to Arceo and reminded him that as a public servant, he should act as someone people can look up to.

The mayor also talked to the frontliners in the viral video, who are reportedly traumatized by the incident.

Image via Facebook | Alexia Guevara

She then called for a meeting with the two parties. “I called for a meeting with all parties concerned to settle their differences and focus on the health threat,” Rubiano said.

It was during the closed-door meeting that Arceo personally apologized and maintained that his reaction was due to fear of the virus. He will issue a written apology regarding this matter.

“The health workers said…they were emotionally and psychologically affected by it… But they later accepted Councilor Arceo’s apology,” Rubiano said in a statement.

Interior Secretary Eduardo Año, meanwhile, said that Arceo’s rant was “excessive.”  While settlement is the most logical option, he said Arceo should still be sanctioned.

A Facebook user uploaded the video of Arceo shouting at frontliners for using the session hall as testing center.