Syrian vlogger reveals his shock over Meralco bill: `It didn’t sink in’

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via YouTube
  • Meralco has received some complaints lately from consumers who find their electricity bill suspicious
  • Basel, the Syrian vlogger, also shared some issues with his May billing statement
  • Upon reading the Meralco explainer, we found the answer to his question

Has your electricity bill arrived at your doorstep? Meralco is on a hot spot lately cause consumers posted their bills on social media saying the charges are bloated.

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via YouTube

This created anxiety among consumers as they inspect their bills. And apparently, even the popular Syrian wanderer Basel is not exempted.

He created a vlog while opening his two statements for his shop YOLO Bubble Milktea & Retro Diner in Las Pinas City. His restaurant has two meters.

Upon opening, he said, “I already opened it. It didn’t sink in. The total amount is kinda… it’s not sinking.” Lol.

For meter 1, he was charged Php 32,312.50, while for meter 2, it is Php 23,621.36. That totals to roughly Php 55,000. The reading date is March 17, which he believes is the electricity his store consumed from February to March 17. However, he is surprised to see that he has a balance from previous billing amounting to Php 28,000. Basel is sure though that he paid everything last February. Hmm.

Basel is confused and speculated that maybe Meralco included his April-May consumption. But he clarified that the store had been closed since March 15 until now.

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via YouTube

What could have happened?

We investigated and visited Meralco’s website and this is what we found that may answer his question; probably yours, too.

There were system enhancements and the bill may reflect unpaid balance from previous months and future unpaid balances. For April-May, when there was no reading, an estimated consumption amount is indicated. This, we believe, happened to his bill. However, since his store was not open since March 15, Meralco can review the charges and adjust it based on the actual consumption.

Alright! Do not panic. The best thing to do now is to relay the issue to Meralco for the adjustment. We hope this also clears the similar concerns of others.

But wait, Meralco warns the public to stop posting fake news or claiming fake bills to create outrage among consumers. They will file charges against such individuals. A netizen who posted a bill worth Php 1.7M which, after investigation, does not belong to him is the first to receive such charges.

Next month, they will also improve their statements reflecting the actual current charges and amortization (divided into 4 months) to minimize confusion among subscribers.

For a more detailed explanation in understanding your May bill, please click here.

Watch Basel’s video here.