‘The Other Pair’, a short film that teaches us a moral lesson perfect for this tough times

Image capture of video by Royal Fazlul Haque via YouTube
  • A short Egyptian film, The Other Pair is an evergreen story taken from a true episode of Ghandi’s life
  • The plot revolves around two boys with opposite situations in life and the loss of a shoe that traversed into a beautiful ending
  • This inspirational clip teaches us that true happiness does not come from material possessions but in putting a light in other people’s lives

A particular event in Ghandi’s life became an inspiration for a short film, The Other Pair, which teaches us lessons we can reflect on in these trying times.

Image capture of video by Royal Fazlul Haque via YouTube

This 2014 award-winning masterpiece was directed by a young artist – Sarah Rozik – who was just 20 at the time. It tells about two main characters, both boys, living antipodal status in life.

The 6-minute clip commenced at a train station where a poor boy walking with old shabby slippers stopped to notice that one of his footwear was damaged. He went to one corner to see if he could fix it but sadly the slipper seemed irreparable.

A rich boy with shining black leather shoes caught his attention. We can see it in him how he admires those beautiful shoes and but his face changes as he looks down at his own footwear.

Image capture of video by Royal Fazlul Haque via YouTube

The train arrives. And as the rich kid races through the door, one shoe fell. The poor boy ran to pick the shoe and tried to catch the train to return it to the owner but he failed. Instead, he threw the shoe towards the rich kid; hoping it would reach him, but sadly, it didn’t. They were both heartbroken.

The rich boy suddenly removed his other shoe and threw it towards the poor one. He knew his shoe is useless so he threw it instead towards  the poor boy to complete the ”other pair”. Both smiled happily.

This touching clip motivates us to share and help those in need without any expectations. As the world endures the COVID pandemic, human nature would tell us to hold on to our possessions to save us from economic adversities. However, how long can we stay happy with material things?

If you have children, perhaps this is great material for your kids to watch.

Image capture of video by Royal Fazlul Haque via YouTube

I am leaving you with a Chinese proverb. “If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.”

Now ask yourself, if you are faced with a similar situation, would you do the same?

View the short film here.

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