After an unusual encounter, photographer vows to bring extra masks next time for others who might need it

Image via Emilio Garcia | Facebook
  • A photographer saw a garbage collector wearing a makeshift mask consisting of a plastic cup attached to a string
  • It was an uncommon sight which he decided to capture with his camera
  • The glaring reality made him resolve that he’ll bring extra masks next time for others who might need it

Initially, at the start of COVID outbreak, wearing face masks is just an option for the healthy ones and low-risk individuals. However, as the contagion escalated, it is now compulsory to wear a mask when leaving the house.

Image via Pixabay

Ideally, a surgical mask is the minimum requirement for the choice of masks to wear because it is reliable in protecting us from the virus. These are not  advisable for reuse; hence, it needs to be disposed after using.   However, global shortage has occurred and many less privileged people couldn’t afford to spend for masks.

Good thing, washable face masks surged into production; compensating for the temporary undersupply of the disposable ones. However, there are those who still can’t afford. Food is top priority.

Image via Emilio Garcia | Facebook

This could be the scenario why one man, a garbage collector, was wearing a plastic cup attached to a string as his protection.

Emilio Garcia, a photographer, captured this rare moment and shared it on social media. The photo depicts a thousand words about how the marginalized sector go through one of the most virulent agents of all time.

Unfortunately, he was not able to give a mask because nothing was left with him after they had sent all the PPEs to their beneficiary hospitals. However, this encounter made him promise one thing——– to bring extra reusable face masks and care packages for those who might need it.

Image via Emilio Garcia | Facebook

Furthermore, he also encouraged everyone to do the same.

“Whenever we need to go out to purchase essential items, bring an extra mask for those we will encounter, and may not be able to afford it or they will not be able to afford it at that time,” he said in his post.

Indeed, since COVID is contagious, does it make sense if we say we also protect ourselves as we protect others?

Our day to day lives have changed due to the pandemic. But one thing remains constant. Our social responsibility to care for others should not stop.

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