Watch: Syrian vlogger defines what a Filipino mom is in the most hilarious way

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via Facebook
  • Basel made a parody video on Mother’s Day about the characteristics of a Filipino mom
  • He featured himself and showcased his great acting skills that can surely make anyone giggle
  • See for yourself if you can relate and check if these traits are indeed true 

It’s time for our moms to take a break and watch a video.

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via Facebook

Basel, known as The Hungry Syrian Wanderer, made a tribute to our beloved mothers, which premiered on Mother’s day. His video is a series of skits that showcased the different personalities unique to a Filipino mom. In this rare video, Basel dressed as a mother and featured his acting skills which are more than enough to make you laugh.

So, when can you say that your mom is a Filipino? Check this out.

Mothers get angry a lot. Who wouldn’t nag seeing those shirts scattered on the floor in your bedroom? When told to clean up and wash the clothes, the Filipino kid has all these lousy excuses. But even when mad, the Filipino mom gets the job done herself.

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via Facebook

Furthermore, her facial expressions can convey more than 30 messages. And when talking to her peers, she boasts about your accomplishments cause she doesn’t want to be left behind in the spotlight.

Did she just say that guests arrived in the house? Prepare yourself. She will probably ask you to sing or dance cause she knows you would get money afterwards.

Did she hang all your diplomas, medals, and achievements on the wall for your visitors to see? That’s a Filipino mom! And look at those toiletries in the hotel. She will surely take them home for you. Lol.

These are just a few of those traits, and we couldn’t agree more. Overall, it gave us a good comedy.

His fans highly appreciated his efforts and again, he never run out of praises on his video.

Watch the video here. Enjoy!

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