Woman gives out ‘ear savers’ to frontliners

Image via Facebook | Yasmin Mangila Ponce
  • In order to help ease the pain cause by prolonged tucking of face masks behind the ears, a woman started creating crochet ‘ear savers’
  • Yasmin Mangila Ponce said she was inspired when she saw friends doing the same
  • Yarn and button donations starting pouring in so she can produce more ear savers for the COVID-19 heroes

A mother did not think twice about extending help to frontliners in her own simple way — she created crochet “ear savers.”

Image via Facebook | Yasmin Mangila Ponce

Yasmin Mangila Ponce said frontliners are required to wear face masks which are tucked behind their ears for long hours, causing them to experience ear sore.

“As I was informed, ears of some medical health professionals are scarring due to the friction caused by prolonged use of face masks,” she told PNA.

Her crochet ear savers have two buttons which the frontliners can use as strap to take the pressure off their ears. “It lessens the tension in the ears of the frontliners from prolonged wearing of face masks,” Ponce explained.

Ponce said she was inspired to produce ear savers when she saw posts from her friends doing the same.

The entrepreneur is happy that she is taking a step to help the country’s COVID heroes.

Image via Facebook | Yasmin Mangila Ponce/Maria Lydia J. Bautista

“Yung kahit maliit na bagay nakapagbibigay ng ginhawa sa kanila. Especially when people you really don’t know, those friends of my acquaintances, are expressing their gratefulness and telling me that hindi na nasasaktan mga tenga nila . Sometimes I get teary-eyed,” she admitted.

This, Ponce said, proves that you do not really need to spend a lot if you want to help.

At the beginning she was only making ear savers from leftover yarns from her children’s projects but her friends were requesting that she make more.

“Sometimes, when other people get to know what you do, nag-aabot na din sila ng pandagdag, makatulong lang din. Donations started pouring in,” she said.

Ponce called on fellow Filipinos to do their part by cooperating with the government. “Let’s be a responsible citizen of our country. Malaking tulong na para sa mga namumuno if we follow the rules, huwag na natin isama mga sarili natin sa mga data na araw araw ina-update ng DOH,” she said.

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