After squabble over naming newborn baby, couple divorces

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  • Couple argued over what name they should give to newborn baby
  • Each parent wanted to name the child after their respective grandparent 
  • After not reaching a final agreement, they decided to part ways through divorce

Choosing a newborn baby’s name can be quite challenging for some couples especially if there’s no prior arrangement before the baby’s birth.

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Since this can be considered as their first big task, it is normal for the parents to take this seriously and sometimes, some disagreement happens. Although it is highly unlikely that a quarrel over a ‘trivial matter’ can lead to a heated argument and divorce; well, yes; it actually happened.

In a feature on Gulf News, a couple based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided to end their marriage after they couldn’t get into a final agreement on what name they should give their newborn baby; with each of the parent wanting to name the child after his grandparents.

Why is it so hard to choose a name?

According to an article by  Pamela Redmond of Nameberry, people might thing that choosing a name is supposed to be easy and fun, but it can actually tap into deep, previously-unexplored issues about family, tradition, gender, image, as well as one’s very identity. This task may be the first important test of control and compromise between the parents.

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This is believed to be what happened between the couple in Saudi Arabia.

Expert Ahmad Al Najjar said: “The argument over naming the baby was just an apparent cause for divorce, and it was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”, which means there are accumulations of previous problems resulting from the lack of a dialogue between the spouses, and the decision-making system and so on were the main reason for reaching such a result, and if the matter reached the point of separation, then the couple should review their lives.”