Basel, the Syrian vlogger gives, his assistant an unexpected reward: ‘Car or money?’

Image via The Hungry Syrian Wanderer | Facebook
  • Basel surprised his good assistant with a reward so that he can have something for himself
  • He made Kevin  choose between his car or money
  • See what his assistant picked and how he reacted with his unexpected gift

Basel, the Syrian vlogger, values the hard work his employees pour into his restaurant, YOLO Milktea and Bubble Retro Diner. And one of them, Kevin – whom he calls Joe,  got a wonderful surprise from him.

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via YouTube

As seen in The Hungry Syrian Wanderer vlog on June 7, Basel wrapped his car in a red ribbon.

“I’ll be making Joe choose between the car or money,” he said while waiting for his assistant to arrive.

Kevin came and was surprised to see a black car with a ribbon. Nervous, he told Basel that he doesn’t know how to drive. Inside the car, he found a big card with the word “congrats” on it. When he opened it, 20 one thousand peso bills appeared before him!

Kevin chose the money, but Basel assured him. “Don’t worry Joe, if you know how to drive, and you are loyal and you are working good, you will just see the dream car on your doorstep.”

The car was there to inspire him to continue chasing his dreams and do his job well. But for now, Basel told him to keep the money for himself. In return, Kevin promised to save and made sure he will not break Basel’s trust in him.

Kevin used to be a construction worker for YOLO’s first branch in 2018. With no permanent job and only earning when being called to work, he was hired in 2019 as a barista in the restaurant because of his positive attitude and great character.

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via YouTube

Since then, his life has changed for the better. Often, he appears in Basel’s videos; assisting him in his charity works.

During the lockdown, he wasn’t able to go home to his family because of  lack of transportation. Basel took charge of him, gave him extra jobs even when his restaurant was closed so that he can still earn.  Currently, the Syrian vlogger is training him to be a chef. Wow!

For sure, Kevin feels motivated more than ever with this. We are looking forward to seeing him grow and achieve his goals.

And who wouldn’t like working at YOLO with a generous owner? Joe’s transformation is just one of the few heartwarming stories among his employees.

And we say this again and again. Thank you, Basel, for your kindness.

Watch his vlog here.

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