Dingdong Dantes ventures on delivery app, will help jobless workmates to become riders

Image via Ding Dong PH | Facebook, Image via Dingdong Dantes | Facebook
  • Dingdong Dantes will launch a delivery app, Ding Dong PH named after him
  • He revealed that a personal experience in Marian’s flower shop business inspired him to build this online service
  • Consistent with his social responsibility, he plans to help his jobless workmates in the industry by offering them to become riders

Dingdong Dantes revealed that he is coming up with a new endeavor that also aims to help his workmates who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Image via Ding Dong PH | Facebook

The actor gave a few details of his venture named Ding Dong PH during the virtual roundtable, “Fireside” with other actors, namely Rico Blanco, Matteo Guidicelli, Nico Bolzico, and Drew Arellano organized by the law firm Gorriceta Africa Caution & Saavedra.

Ding Dong PH is a delivery app that was conceptualized coming from lessons they experienced from their online flower shop run from home with wife Marian Rivera. He shared that there was an instance when the item arrived at the wrong house and even worse, it was damaged along the way.

This made him go out of his way transporting the flowers himself using his scooter just to ensure the client receives the item.

He said, “Doon nagsimula ‘yung idea, at lumawak na lang siya. In the past weeks, after talking with friends who share the same vision and passion, an idea was developed, hence the birth of Doorbell Technologies.”

He added that the pandemic became a game-changer for him, at their home and even in their lives.

Image capture of video by Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra Publications via YouTube

“As many people know, this also became an equalizer; it leveled the playing field. Pero, it has crushed and damaged some industries; it paved the way for some to flourish.”

Dingdong emphasized that in his initiatives, he wanted to make sure it makes a clear social impact. For Ding Dong PH, he will employ his workmates in the industry who lost their jobs.

Mark Gorriceta asked the actor if he had programming skills to create the app. He admitted he is far from being techie but is lucky to have skillful friends in the IT field.

Earlier in April, Dong’s Yes Pinoy Foundation gave awareness to the public on the online opportunities being offered by job portals. The couple also got involved in some charity works to extend help to those affected by the lockdown.

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