LizQuen FaceApp gender swap photos stun netizens for being ‘handsome’ and ‘beautiful’

Image via LizQuen | Facebook
  • The FaceApp invasion took another milestone this June as users made use of the gender swap feature
  • Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil’s gender swap images created a buzz online for their equally captivating transformations 
  • Netizens were in awe and commented who among the stars they looked like

The FaceApp sensation isn’t over yet. After so many young faces were aged into their oldies version, another trend has circulated. A male face becomes a female version and vice versa. The results? Interesting!

Image via LizQuen | Facebook

Celebrities caught the most attention as netizens are all eager to satisfy their imagination on what their idols look like if they were a boy or a girl.

The love team LizQuen had their fair share of transformed photos which, as expected, did not disappoint their fans. Soon after netizens discovered it, the posts broke the internet and had readers commenting on their thoughts.

Uploaded on LizQuen FB page, Liza Soberano’s male version is just so handsome. Netizens think she looks like Enrique Gil, Kobe Paras, Mario Mauer, and Mayor Vico Sotto.

Well, we’re not surprised. Liza’s got one of the most beautiful heart-shaped faces in the industry. This year, she is a nominee of the “100 Most Beautiful Faces,” an annual list compiled by TC Candler. The actress topped the survey in 2017 and 2018, which earned her the “Hall of Fame” award.

Image via LizQuen | Facebook

On the other hand, Enrique Gil has a “beautiful” version of him. Fans dubbed him as the Bella in Twilight, portrayed by Kristen Stewart. Some photos make him appear like Marian Rivera, Dakota Johnson or even Coleen Garcia. You just can’t get enough when you start browsing.

These photos seem to conclude that both have great genes because they produced beautiful and handsome girl and boy versions.

Despite the warning on security issues about the app, the newsfeed was still flooded with almost everyone’s gender swap images. Some famous politicians are included among the most trending transformations.

The lockdown has caused boredom for some. At least apps like this provide entertainment, but just don’t forget to use it with caution.