Filipinos’ quality of life dips to lowest, says SWS survey

Image from PNA
  • SWS has released its latest survey on Filipinos’ quality of life
  • The figure showed Filipinos’ quality of life got worse over the past year
  • It also recorded an all-time low for the past 37 years of SWS survey

More than 80% of Filipinos believe their quality of life has worsened over the past year; this was revealed in the latest non-commissioned survey conducted by Social Weather Station (SWS).

The SWS poll, conducted at the height of the pandemic crisis, between May 4 and 10 this year, showed 83% (Losers) of the respondent said their life got worse this year. This is the lowest proportion ever recorded by SWS for the past 37 years since 1983, and surpassed the previous record of 62% in June 2008.

Image from SWS

Likewise, the 6% (Gainers) proportion is also considered an all-time low since July 1985’s 9% Gainers. Only 10% of the respondents believe their life was ‘Unchanged’.

The ‘Net Gainers’ score also nosedived from a very high of +18 in December 2019 to -78 in May 2020. ‘Net Gainers’ is computed as Gainers minus Losers (correctly rounded). The figure is also considered a record-low for SWS since the June 2008 survey with -50.

Image from SWS

All the ‘Net Gainers’ score also plummeted to all-time low in all areas: Visayas at –82, followed by Mindanao at –80, Metro Manila at –77, and Balance Luzon at –75.

During the survey period, areas in the country were either placed under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) or general community quarantine (GCQ) but the ‘Net Gainers’ score were almost identical and ‘equally bad’: -77 for ECQ and -78 for GCQ.

Further data from the poll showed ‘Net Gainers’ were generally lower among those with less formal education, among hungry families, and among those whose pay was cut and those who lost their jobs.

Image from SWS

The survey was conducted among 4,010 respondents (294 in the NCR, 1,645 in Balance Luzon, 792 in the Visayas, and 1,279 in Mindanao) using mobile phones and computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), according to SWS.

It has a sampling error margins of ±2% for national percentages, ±6% for Metro Manila, ±2 for Balance Luzon, ±3% Visayas, and ±3% in Mindanao.