Flight attendant performs construction work to help finish building their apartment challenged by COVID

Image via Erwin Conrad Abueva | Facebook
  • An international flight attendant transitioned into a lady construction worker  as additional workforce for the apartment they are building
  • She is the wife of the viral flying doctor who became known for performing two frontline duties in one day
  • No other than her proud husband shared her story which teaches resiliency amid COVID

Recently, Erwin Conrad Abueva, a Filipino flying doctor, became popular on social media for performing two frontline duties in one day. Early morning, he piloted a Pan Pacific flight to pick up repatriated Filipinos in East Timor and later in the evening reported for duty as a doctor in a hospital.

Image via Erwin Conrad Abueva | Facebook

But alongside Erwin is an equally resilient wife named Meriam Santiago Abueva, whom he is so proud of. He even shared what she was up to every day that continuously amazes him. Here’s her story.

Meriam is a senior international flight attendant of Philippine Airlines. When COVID came, they experienced challenges in the construction of their apartment, an investment they are building.  COVID greatly affected their income; giving them irregular to no flights at all for four months. Furthermore, only a few workers can come to the site because of the quarantine.  This temporarily ceased the construction.

But Meriam is determined to resume building the apartment.  With no hesitation, she volunteered to be part of the workforce every time she has no flights.

Image via Erwin Conrad Abueva | Facebook

The mother of four does masonry like cementing the walls. She holds heavy equipment, too, like jackhammer and performs woodwork. She contributed her efforts to inspire her co-workers to do their job right since a woman like her can.

“She does not mind the dirt and the physical stress from the chores she’s doing. She amazes me every day!” Erwin described her.

He added, “Walang kaarte-arte sa katawan pagdating sa construction works!”

Image via Erwin Conrad Abueva | Facebook

Her photos said it all. From a professional-looking flight attendant, she smoothly transitions into a lady construction worker. No wonder her husband has so much respect for her.

“Respect to the queen of our home, my lovely wife, and wonderful mother of our children!” he said in his post.

This is just one of the few inspiring stories about how COVID tested our resiliency. We can all get through this with a new mindset and willingness to adapt to changes.

Watch the woman in action here.