It’s a boy: Coleen Garcia, Billy Crawford reveal baby’s gender

Image via Instagram | Coleen Garcia
  • Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford are expecting a baby boy
  • The couple announced this through a live gender reveal on YouTube hosted by KC Montero
  • The first-time parents announced that they are expecting a child last month.

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford are expecting a baby boy.

Image via YouTube | The Crawfords

The husband and wife announced this through a YouTube live hosted by KC Montero. Coleen then shared the news in an Instagram post accompanied by her photo wearing blue lipstick with blue paint splashed on her arm.

“Thank you to everyone who joined our baby shower/gender reveal today! We’re so happy we finally get to share this with you,” she said, adding the hashtag Baby C is a HE.

She recently gave netizens a peek on her 25-week belly.”25 weeks and I am in love with my bump. Even though the little one kicks so much, it makes me kind of queasy,” she shared. “I still find it amusing and nakakakilig. Enjoying every step of this journey.”

Image via Instagram | Coleen Garcia

Last month, the couple announced that Coleen is pregnant. “It’s been over 5 months now. And just like that, we’re more than halfway through,” she said.

The former It’s Showtime host said they found out the good news in December 2019. “And it has been quite a ride since then.”

“I can’t even express the joy of this day! I’ve been waiting to scream it out to the world. Yes! My gorgeous wife and I are having a baby!” Billy meanwhile said. “Been praying to God for this, and for years, the answer was ‘not yet.’ Fast forward to today, and God has blessed us in His perfect timing.”

Coleen also expressed her gratitude to their friends who have been praying and checking in on them. “We are beyond grateful for this huge blessing. God is always so good.”

The couple got married in Balesin in April 2018.

Watch their gender reveal here: