Jobless OFW gives out free food in Dubai, receives Dh10,000 from Emirati social media star

Images from Khalid Al Ameri Video
  • A Pinay housewife in the UAE cooks and gives out free food to people daily
  • Feby Baguisa  believes you don’t have to be rich in order to help others
  • Emirati social media star Khalid Al Ameri gave her Dh10,000 to support her initiative

Despite the pandemic, ‘bayanihan’ is still very much alive even for Filipinos who are not in the Philippines.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), many people found themselves in dire need of money and food after the country was hit by the crisis brought about by COVID-19. Despite being jobless herself, this didn’t stop Feby Baguisa from extending her help to those who are in need.

In a feature on Gulf News, the mother of three shared that her heart ached for fellow Filipinos who lined up for a free meal during Ramadan. So when her husband Esperidion Jr. Artillaga Dela Peña gave her their monthly allowance for groceries, she spent it all to give free food for one day for a lot of people.

Image from Khalid Al Ameri Video

“My husband was unaware that I had taken the allowance to prepare these free meals. He knows now and understands why I did it. I am so grateful for his loving support and for letting me do this for our fellow Filipinos,” she added.

What started as an initiative to help the needy over the Eid holidays in May has turned into a daily affair and Feby’s friends helped with her food drive.

Image from Khalid Al Ameri Video

Her special actions reached popular Emirati social media star Khalid Al Ameri who is known for his daily videos about life in the UAE.

Khalid,  who called Feby a “hero”, asked her why she chose to do what she is doing now and the latter told him: “I don’t believe in such thing that you have to be rich just to help others. Whatever you have in your own house, in your own pocket, you can share it; a portion of it.”

After they finished giving hundreds of free food for the day, Khalid thanked Feby and Esperidion and told them they are the kind of people the world needs right now.  As a sign of his support for the couple’s initiative, he gave them Dh10,000 (approximately PHP 136,000).

The couple were visibly surprised and were initially hesitant to accept the money; telling Khalid it’s too much but when they accepted it in the end, Feby said the money will be used to feed and help more people.

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