Kid receives damaged cake on his birthday, firefighters surprise him with a new one

Image via Bfpcar B Baguio | Facebook
  • A birthday celebrant was unfortunate to receive a damaged cake on his special day
  • The news reached a fireman who immediately sent another cake through his workmates
  • The boy couldn’t be any happier; leaping with joy as he accepted the gift

Kids have simple joys. Especially on their birthday, a cake would already bring much meaning to their day. But what if something happened along the way and spoiled their expectations? It would be difficult to explain.

Image via Bfpcar B Baguio | Facebook

This scenario happened to a young boy who was turning 5 years old on his birthday. Unfortunately, his cake was damaged when he received it. We could only imagine how frustrating that was for him and to his parents as well.

But little did he know that a good samaritan was able to grasp the news of his misfortune. Then a surprise was planned.

FO2 Rafael Antonio Gardose, a firefighter in Baguio, learned about it and knew in his heart how that feels since his son just celebrated his birthday too. He came up with the idea of delivering another cake for the celebrant. CINSP Jessie S. Annasiw agreed with him and instructed their colleagues SFO4 Pio Lacsamana, SFO2 Richard Cesista Poschor, FO1 Christian Neil Tudlong and FO1 Millicent Jhade Albon to bring the cake.

“With all smiles, he received the cake, jumping happily and grateful for the blessing,” Bfpcar B Baguio shared on their post on social media.

Image via Bfpcar B Baguio | Facebook

Not only that. The lucky kid also received an envelope with a “happy birthday” note on it and a  caricature of a fireman holding an extinguisher. Must be a birthday card inside. How sweet!

The boy’s mom expressed her words of appreciation for the surprise.

“BIG THANKS po sa inyo mga sirs & ma’ams! Until now, we’re so overwhelmed and still surprised! Mali po ang akala na sa TV lang po nangyayari ang mga ganitong kabutihan. You’re all angels po sa anak ko. Thank you po uli! God bless you all, ” his mom replied on the post.

Bfpcar B Baguio then uploaded photos of the happy kid together with the rest of the firemen.

It looks like someone’s going to be inspired to be one of them. What do you think?

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