Mayor Richard Gomez gives another round of one sack of rice per household in Ormoc City

Image via Ormoc City Covid-19 Updates | Facebook
  • Mayor Richard Gomez fulfilled his promise to distribute another sack of rice if the quarantine continues
  • Like the first round of relief goods, every household receives it
  • The people of Ormoc City expressed their appreciation for their beloved mayor on social media

Ormoc City Mayor Richard “Goma” Gomez receives praises again for giving another round of sack of rice per household.

Image via Richard “Goma” Gomez | Facebook

The distribution announcement was posted on Ormoc City Covid-19 Updates and Richard “GOMA” Gomez. Facebook pages.

“If we will have to extend atong EO, we will have to go through another round sa bugas para sa mga Ormocanon. Walay pili pili, basta naay bongbong, naay atop, ONE SACK OF RICE FOR THEM.” the mayor said.

The second wave distribution commenced last June 21.

Constituents expressed their appreciation in the comment section.

“Thank you so much, Mayor Richard “Goma” Gomez and Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez for your overflowing generosity and being kind-hearted persons! Thank you for another one sack of rice. God bless you.”

“Salamat kaayo. Mayor Richard “GOMA” Gomez, best mayor in Ormoc City history.”

In April, the actor turned politician earned the admiration of the public when his administration gave one sack of rice per household instead of a few kilograms which other officials commonly did.

Image via Ormoc City Covid-19 Updates | Facebook

“If I opted to repack, I won’t be able to distribute everything on time. Matatapos na lang ang ECQ, di pa maaabutan lahat. Giving them one sack of rice at once will save me a lot of time and effort,” he said on Facebook.

With that strategy, the LGU was able to dispense the sacks to all barangays in just four days.  Besides, the process was shortened because no list was created to determine who’ll receive the relief goods.

Hindi na nag-aksaya ng oras sa pagrerepack: Mayor Richard Gomez nakapamahagi ng relief goods sa loob lamang ng 4 na araw

“No need for lists. Each house got their supply. I have 67,000 constituents. You have an emergency here, and these people need immediate assistance. Why waste time in making a list,” he added.

Indeed, it is a very simple logic that will address an emergency immediately.