Mom shares chilling discovery on video streaming app: Some ‘nursery rhymes’ have inappropriate content

Image va Bea Varela-Trajano | Facebook, Image via Canva
  • One mom shared online a shocking discovery when her son was watching nursery rhymes on YouTube
  • A video thumbnail depicts a nursery rhyme but has inappropriate content that still came through even with restricted settings
  • Other moms shared similar stories prompting them to double-check on what their kids are watching on YouTube

Kids these days are exposed to technology earlier than before. With the existence of gadgets, the young ones enjoy watching nursery rhymes and playing games for entertainment. However, are you monitoring what videos they are watching? One mother has given a warning.

Image va Bea Varela-Trajano | Facebook

Bea Varela-Trajano was so surprised to see a video on YouTube that depicts the famous Cocomelon nursery rhymes but has an image so graphic that it made her son panic and scared. The video thumbnail has a picture of a female character holding a knife and has bl00d all over her.

Their YouTube settings have the restricted mode on, yet this video still came through. She checked the profile/channel of the video and found a lot of other nursery rhymes like baby shark and ABC associated with this channel. Isn’t it alarming?

We investigated and checked on that YoutTube channel and found a lot more videos of the same thumbnails. When clicked, it plays for about 1 second and proceeds to a different video. It seems to be just a trap for a viewer to get curious and when played, it helps the video gain more views.

She shared this discovery with an FB group and it has warned other parents as well. It also sparked discussion on similar stories.

One mom shared her son was watching Pony, but she was shocked to find fight scenes in the video. Another mom saw that in Miraculous Ladybug, there are kissing scenes and that she has a baby bump.

Image via Google Play App

To avoid your kids stumbling upon these inappropriate channels, use the YouTube Kids app. It has parental controls and you can go for offline settings. It will only play the videos you have downloaded. Still, better check on what your kids are watching from time to time.

Of course, limiting your kids’ screen time is advisable.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a one hour limit of screen time for kids from ages 2-5 years old. According to the American Heart Association News, “Too much screen time has been tied to poor sleep quality and poorer reading and social skills.”