No, it’s not overcooked! It’s lechon negra, a unique delicacy from the south

Image capture of video by Lemongrass Lechon House via Facebook
  • A different type of lechon is gaining attention in the southern part of the country
  • It is called lechon negra because of its charcoal-colored skin
  • Uninviting as it may seem, this lechon promises not to disappoint its first-time eaters

Most big celebrations in the Philippines are never complete without one of the sought-after Filipino pork dish  —– lechon.

Image via Lemongrass Lechon House | Facebook

Lechon is a Spanish word for a roasted suckling pig. After the country was colonized by the Spaniards for more than 300 years, there’s no doubt this dish has become part of our culture.

We usually see its skin in reddish-brown color with a shiny texture. However, here is one interesting kind of lechon served in General Santos City, which just recently gained attention.

It appears in charcoal-black, but it is not overcooked. It may not look inviting, but you’ll be surprised as it tastes good. From the color itself, it is called lechon negra. The key to its pigment is some secret ingredients, according to the owner.

Aromatic and very flavorful as the customers would describe it, the lechon negra comes in three flavors – regular lechon taste, hot and spicy, sweet and spicy.

This famous pork dish is available at the Lemongrass Lechon House in Bula road, General Santos City which has been serving it since 2016.

Still, netizens wonder how it tastes and what made its color turn black.

Image capture of video by Lemongrass Lechon House via Facebook

According to Irene Zapatero, “I think they use Italian squid ink or just local squid ink for this one. That’s why it is black just like risotto. If you want the color to be unique, just add squid ink and it will become black. You can buy it in a bottle or a pack. As you can see, they garnish with seafood.”

Some guessed this was garnished with Sprite. Hmmm..

Well. perhaps, more than its uniqueness, lechon negra has something more to offer; waiting for it to be discovered.

What do you think of this? Are you willing to take a bite?