No tripod? No problem! Teacher makes DIY ‘mobile holder’ to teach online

Image via PhD Motivation | Facebook
  • With the restriction of face to face classes in some countries due to COVID, delivering education online is an option
  • Admittedly, not everyone is prepared to adapt to this change including some teachers
  • However, despite the lack of appropriate gears, one teacher still found innovative ways to conduct her class which earned praises online

To teach, one doesn’t only need the skills. One must have the heart. Yes, because teaching isn’t just merely a profession. It is a service to the people.

Image via Pixabay

The current COVID situation profoundly challenges today’s teachers. In the Philippines, the president will not allow  “face to face” classes until a vaccine is available. Therefore, being considered are blended and distance learning as alternative methods for delivering education.

The use of technology is much needed to conduct classes. While others are lucky to have gadgets and internet connection at home, for some, it remains a concern, teachers included.

However, here is a photo that tells us that everything can be possible if we find ways to make things happen.

PhD Motivation posted an image that is described as an “Indian version of commitment”. It shows an unknown woman writing on a blackboard. But what caught netizens’ attention is the presence of a mobile phone secured in a hanger, tied somewhere above using cloth strings and also attached below to a chair. She seems to be a teacher delivering her lessons online. Innovative, isn’t it?

This way, even without a phone tripod, she can still be captured by her mobile camera and go live for her students to see. It looks funny for some, but it worked!

Image via PhD Motivation | Facebook

Let’s see what netizens think about it.

“Much respect, teacher!! You can see passion and dedication in her!!”

“A salute to the dedication of the teacher to teach with limited resources!”

We may be consumed by discouragement when things get tough. But let this example remind us that solutions are always inches away if we seek for it.

All praises to this woman and all hardworking teachers in the world, who tirelessly continue to do their lectures, adapting to the new normal.

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