No Yaya? No Problem! PokLee shares how they go through the day with the new normal

Image capture of video by PokLee Cooking Official via YouTube
  • Pokwang and partner Lee O’ Brian are all on their own this quarantine; surviving without their helpers and yaya
  • The comedienne featured on her vlog what the new normal looks like for the PokLee family
  • Though they can handle the chores, Pokwang revealed that the quarantine made them appreciate their helpers even more

How did this quarantine change the life of our celebrities? Pokwang and her partner, Lee O’ Brian, shared a glimpse of how they go through each day without any yaya or helper.

Image capture of video by PokLee Cooking Official via YouTube

At the start of the quarantine, they decided to stop working and stay at home. They sent all their helpers back to their families since they worry about their small children. This means the PokLee family is left to do all the house chores by themselves.

“Ang saya!“ Pokwang quipped.

The couple filmed what happens in a day with the new normal and featured it on the comedian’s YouTube channel, Poklee Cooking Official.

As seen on her vlog, their day starts early with her partner doing the car wash at 7 AM followed by Pokwang watering the plants at 8AM.

Image capture of video by PokLee Cooking Official via YouTube

Lee did his gardening project at 9 AM.  He planted red bell pepper seeds and added topsoil on his pots. This quarantine, he had been making compost, too.

At 10 AM, it was bath time for their baby girl.

Pokwang insisted they wash their clothes manually outside to save on electricity. The comedienne taught her partner how to hand wash their clothes properly.  Lee, who prefers the washing machine, had no choice then. Lol.

They were finally able to sit down at noon for lunch. It was also a chance for them to share their insights during this quarantine.

“Life without out helpers is much more busy,” Lee said. He added there were chores he liked though such as gardening, washing the car and washing the clothes, but it made him appreciate their helpers even more.

Image capture of video by PokLee Cooking Official via YouTube

“We are not complaining. We appreciate them, “ Pokwang seconded.

And who washed the dishes? Lee lost in their Jack ‘n Poy challenge, so he did.

The video ended with their greetings to their helpers. Pokwang expressed her hope that they are all fine and added that they are willing to help if they need anything.

This lockdown has indeed turned our lives simpler and allowed us to appreciate the people around us and spend more time with our family.

Want to see more? Check their full vlog here.

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