OFW couple survives Covid-19, stresses importance of prayers and quality time with family

Image from The Filipino Times
  • UAE-based OFW couple got infected with Covid-19
  • They are now Covid-19 survivors and got reunited with their 3-year-old daughter
  • The experience taught them the importance of spending quality time with family & the power of prayers

The demand for nurses and other medical frontliners increased these past few months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Braving their way to the battlefield and facing the dangers brought by the unseen enemy each passing day, our frontliners expose not just themselves, but their families and loved ones as well.

Christine Navarro an OFW working in United Arab Emirates as a nurse, knew the risks. As the idiom goes, “it comes with the territory”. But like everyone else, she was hoping she won’t get infected with Covid-19.

Unfortunately, she did.

In a feature on The Filipino Times, Christine detailed her Covid-19 story.

Image from The Filipino Times

Her symptoms began as a simple throat irritation. Then on May 11, her symptoms progressed and she started coughing and felt weak, that’s when she though it’s not just an ordinary sore throat anymore.

On the same day, she was tested for Covid-19 and was diagnosed with the disease the next day.

Upon getting the result, she immediately informed her husband, who like her, also works as a frontliner. Her husband also tested positive on May 14.

The couple got hospitalized in order to be treated properly but they couldn’t help but worry that their 3-year-old daughter and flatmates were also infected.

Dagdag anxiety sa akin nung dumadaan ang mga araw na hindi pa namin alam ang resulta ng swab test ng anak namin pati na ng mga kasama namin sa flat,” she said.

When their daughter and flatmates all got negative results, the couple were overjoyed and relieved.

UAE is know for having high rates of recovery for diagnosed Covid-19 patients and Christine and her husband were among them. After weeks of confinement, they were able to rejoin their daughter.

Image from The Filipino Times

Christine said this experience taught them the real importance of spending quality time with your family and the power of prayers.

She said: “Never cease to pray to God and constantly communicate with your family. Sila din ang magsisilbing lakas mo sa panahon na ikaw ay nanghihina. Dahil pag nakikita mo silang nakangiti mas lalo kang magpupursigeng magpagaling at makalabas sa ospital.”