Actress Pinky Amador apologizes, explains side on viral video

Screenshot from video via FB| Image from Arnold Vegafria's FB post
  • A video of a woman going berserk at a hotel staff went viral online
  • She was later identified as veteran actress Pinky Amador
  • The actress has since apologized and explained her side on the incident

MANILA, Philippines – Veteran movie and theater actress Pinky Amador has spoken up following her viral video cursing at a staff of a condotel in Makati City.

The nearly 5-minute video, which divided netizens, showed a woman in white shirt wearing a face mask visibly angry, cursing and even threatening to hurt the staff.

Image screen capture from Arnold Vegafria’s FB Post

The argument apparently stemmed from a copy of a document the woman has been asking for three weeks but the hotel allegedly failed to give. The lady in the fit of rage was later identified in a story as Amador.

The document she wanted a copy of, according to Amador, is a circular from the building administration disclosing the hotel’s acceptance of COVID-1 PUMs and their protocol in place to protect the residents of the hotel. She also wanted a copy of the circular to be posted in a public place to warn other guests.

Image screen capture from Arnold Vegafria’s FB Post

In a statement released on Facebook by Amador’s talent manager Arnold Vegafria, the latter clarified that the actress’ outrage “was the offshoot of her personal grievance against misinformation, a plea for accountability from her building owners and administrators.”

Amador also revealed in detail the timeline since they learned the hotel has accepted 59 returning OFWs without informing the residents about the building being designated as a quarantine facility. She said she herself encountered two guests in the elevator without knowing they were PUMs.

After the encounter, the actress said she has since started fearing for her safety in her own home. They have since reached out to the administration of the building regarding the matter, but their “simple request was faced with little concern and no sense of urgency”.

This apparently led to Amadors’ losing her cool and going berserk against the ‘incompetent staff’; the outburst eventually caught in the viral video.

Image screen capture from Arnold Vegafria’s FB Post

She also warned those who took the video without her consent with the intent of uploading it online as this could be a violation of the anti-wiretapping law.

In the end, Amador apologized to those she may have hurt during the incident.

“Sa mga nasaktan ko, I am truly sorry, pero ipinaglaban ko lang ang karapatan natin mabuhay nang ligtas sa sakit [To those who I may have hurt, I am truly sorry, but I just fought for our right to live safely and free from any disease],” she said.