Rica Peralejo reveals why she homeshools her son, shares their routine and materials they use

Image capture of video by Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio via YouTube
  • Former actress Rica Peralejo opened up to her YouTube viewers the reasons for homeschooling her son, their routine and materials they use
  • Rica emphasized to consider your child’s personality and preferences when thinking of education at home setup
  • Her son Philip used to attend school, but because they find him not yet ready to be away from his parents, she transferred him to homeschool

Homeschooling is education at home or in other places outside the school. It may be facilitated by a parent, tutor, or online teacher. Over the years, more and more parents choose this type of setup rather than sending their kids to public or private schools.

Image capture of video by Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio via YouTube

Should I homeschool my child or not? Parents usually ask this question for their kids.

Let us learn some insights from a former actress, now a hands-on mom, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, who has adopted this method with her son, Philip, since 2018.

As shared on her YouTube channel, Rica emphasized that the reason to homeschool should be according to your child’s personality and preferences. For her son Philip, it’s not that he does not like school, but he is so attached to his parents since they are only three in the family and are together all the time. In terms of socialization, Rica shared what she thought of her son too.

“My son is not really anti-social, but he is not as social as kids who really are into making new friends,” she explained.

She enumerated a couple of advantages of homeschooling. More family time, wiser budget allocation and knowing your child’s strengths and weaknesses are some.

Her homeschooling provider uses the Charlotte Mason method. This approach does not only focus on the education of the mind but on the whole child as well to help them become independent and self-learner.

Image capture of video by Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio via YouTube

Their routine usually starts with memory work, followed by reading and snake game for his math activity. After snack time, they proceed with art appreciation and science. The next part is playtime in the park where they met with fellow homeschoolers and their provider.

She also showcased the sensory materials she used which are intended to help the child understand, feel and imagine the learnings like knowing the letter in the alphabet and counting numbers.

Homeschooling may be overwhelming from the start. Most moms tend to get confused about where and how to do it, but Rica has a piece of advice.

“Just start it. Commit to it and you’ll see that you will figure out your way.”

Watch one of her homeschooling episodes here.