‘Smelly’ fruit causes evacuation, makes 6 people seek medical help in a postal office

Image via Pixabay
  • Due to a package with a weird smell, workers in a postal office in Germany evacuated, thinking it was a dangerous substance
  • Authorities were alarmed and gave remedy to 12 employees who complained of nausea, wherein 6 were rushed to a hospital
  • Upon checking the package, turns out those were durian fruits, the stinkiest fruit in the world

Who loves durian? And who does not? Apart from its spiky skin, this fruit isn’t loved by many because of one thing. It is so damn smelly!

Image via Pexels

In fact, it can cause a massive evacuation. Yes, this fruit is back on the headlines again for the same reason.

Operations at a postal office in the Bavarian town of Schweinfurt was interrupted on Saturday, June 20, due to a package with a very pungent smell. Employees feared it might be a dangerous substance.

The workers called the attention of the police, firefighters and emergency services to check on it. Soon after, 60 employees were forced to leave the building.

When the package was examined, four Thai durian fruits were found. It was sent by someone to a friend. Eventually, the package was delivered to the recipient.

However, the panic caused 12 workers to complain of nausea and needed treatment onsite; six of whom were rushed to a hospital.

A total of six ambulances, five first-responder cars, two emergency vehicles and three different fire departments came to take action ovver the incident.

Image via Pexels

Over the years, the durian fruit has caused many notable incidents of cha0s. In May 2019, a library at the University of Canberra in Australia was evacuated due to a smell they thought was a gas leak. 550 people left the building in under 6 minutes. Later, they discovered a durian left near the air vent.

In 2018, an Indonesian plane bound for Jakarta from Bengkulu had taken off an hour later than expected when passengers wanted the sacks of durian fruits removed from the cargo section of the aircraft. Almost 2 tons were taken out when the airline gave in to the request of the passengers.

It’s the world’s stinkiest fruit indeed. But for those who don’t mind its notorious smell, its sweet, milky and creamy taste is heaven.