Unconditional love: Wife never gives up on husband who’s been ‘sleeping’ for three years

  • A daughter looks up to her mom with admiration for her unconditional love to her dad despite his condition
  • Her dad has been ‘sleeping’ for three years already after suffering aneurysm and stroke
  • Her mom still looks at him with such affection and has never complained about his condition

Despite the trials we are in, here is a story that will inspire us to keep the faith and hold on.

Image via Pixabay

A netizen witnessed how her mom still adores her dad even at his unfavorable condition. Their story isn’t just an ordinary ordeal any married couple could have but most probably one of the ultimate tests of patience and outlook in life.

Her dad, who’s 61, suffered from aneurysm and stroke, which led to coma. On May 29, it was his third year ‘sleeping’. His caregiver took a snapshot of the couple. This daughter found something special in that photo, so she shared it on social media.

She wrote, “Today, May 29, marks the 3rd year of my dad sleeping, yes 3 years na pong comatose ang dad ko and see how my mom sees my dad? AMAZING!”

Her dad was wearing a “Happy Birthday” headband and her momwas looking at him with loving eyes while holding his hand.

She narrated, “They’ve been together for almost 40 years pero yung nanay ko inlababo pa rin kay daddy. I never heard anything bad about my dad na galing kay mommy. In short, for her, walang masamang tinapay daddy ko.”

Image via Pixabay

The netizen has six other siblings and she just can’t imagine how her mom took all the challenges in keeping her marriage intact while raising seven of them. It was a handful for her! Yet she never heard her mom complain even just a bit about her dad’s condition.

“She’s one of those people na lahat ng bagay ay may brighter side,” the daughter added. “I wanted to share this to show how a wife can unconditionally love someone because, honestly, I don’t think I’m capable of that.” Awww.

We are easily daunted by pessimistic things happening around us. In case we lose ourselves, let this story remind us that we can endure every struggle if we remain positive.

Have you been in a similar situation? What has put your love to the test? Tell us your story.